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Services Description Panel Maker Indoor & Outdoor Medan

We serve the manufacture of panel / manufacture of electrical panels. We make various kinds of electrical panel, be it for indoor (indoor), and outdoor (outdoor).

Electrical panel is a device to facilitate power grid. This panel is conducted at locations with a sufficiently large electrical network such as hotels, apartments, office buildings, tourist attractions and so forth.

We as panel makers in producing electrical panels with some features;

  1. Safe when operated. Safe products will reduce the risk of accidents such as short circuit to fire,
  2. Easy. The product should be easily understood by the electrical operator. Products that do not facilitate the operator, it will reduce the dexterity of the emergency,
  3. Equipped with good governance system. In this case, you must be careful, therefore must be equipped with a safety and rise and fall of electric current, grounding, load security, security etc.

As the equipment we use in the manufacture of electrical panels, among others:

  • Panel box. The box we use is equipped with a good device
  • ACB. An electric circuit breaker from a power source
  • Indicator light. Electrical current lights
  • Voltmeter. Electrical voltage meter
  • Ampere meters. Electrical current measurements of each phase
  • MCCB. Electric power circuit breaker sub distribution

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