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Transformer (3.75KW-112KW)

Transformer (3.75KW-112KW) Transformer or often abbreviated as Trafo term is an electrical device that can change the level of an AC voltage to another level. The purpose of changing the level such as lowering the AC Voltage from 220VAC to 12 VAC or raise the Voltage from 110VAC to 220 VAC. This transformer works on the principle of Electromagnetic Induction and can only work on the AC voltage. Transformer (Transformer) plays a very important role in the distribution of electric power. The transformer raises the electricity coming from the PLN power plant up to hundreds of kilo Volts for distribution, and then the other Transformer lowers the voltage to the voltage required by every household and office that generally uses 220Volt AC Voltage. The transformer or transformer has many uses : For power distribution and transmission For control circuits For frequency regulator circuit in electronics circuits

Gunaberdikari Rotexindo is a transformer distributor in the field. We sell electric transformers / electric transformers with various specifications. Please contact us for more information.

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