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Electrical switch board or electric panel is a set of electrical equipment / electrical components that are arranged or arranged in such a way in a board control (board) so that interrelated and form a function in accordance with the desired needs.

Here's an example of a panel name with functions and usefulness:

MOTOR STARTER PANEL: is an electric panel whose main function is to operate an electric motor motor that includes starting, running and stoping and is equipped with the necessary protection such as Circuit breaker, overload relay, phase failure relay and others. Some panels are equipped with metering as a monitoring function both analogue (needle, pilot light, tongue vibration) or in the form of a digital module.
Which includes a starter panel motor include:

- Star Delta Starter
- Direct On Line starter
- Double speed starter
- Slip ring motor starter
- Impedance of starter motor
- Starter motor resistor
- Ototransformer starter
- Soft motor starter
- Variable speed motor starter
- Edy current motor starter

GENERATOR CONTROL PANEL: Is an electrical panel whose main function is to operate a generator which includes starting, running, stoping, emergency stop and is equipped with protection and monitoring both protection and monitoring of diesel engine or to alternator (generator)

Protection against engines include:
- Low oil pressure
- High water temperature
- High Oil Temperature
- Over / Under speed
- Low voltage battery

Protection against alternators include:
- Over / under voltage
- Over / under Frequency
- Over current
- Overload
- Over temperature
- Reverse Power
- Unbalancing Voltage
- Unbalancing current
- Earth Fault

AMF & ATS PANEL (Automatic Mains Failure & Automatic Transfer Switch)

Panel is a system that has the function of automatic control of the generator and mains power where electrical parameters, control and protection against both sources can be read and controlled systematically. The main component of this panel is a control module which contains program program to run and operate the system thoroughly . This panel is widely used in industries, offices, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.


Is a panel that serves to operate two or more generators that work in parallel (simultaneously) to obtain the source power source that can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of electrical loads as well as for efficiency if the load is low / mild. With the rapidly growing technology the operation of the synchronized panel is so easy as it is equipped with a high-tech electronic module module that is entirely set automatically.


Is a panel that serves to distribute resources to sub sub panel distribution. Inside there is a Mains Breaker and a load breaker breaker that is connected with the Sub distribution panel

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