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Auto Transformer (22-112kW)
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Auto transformer is one of the starting method that is economical and simple to run the electric motors with a voltage drop system that reduces the current and voltage at start. Auto transformer has primary and secondary windings combined in 1 circuit and made some tapping to lower other voltage thereby reducing current and voltage spikes at startup.

Auto Trafo consisting of 3 Phase is widely used in power transmission and distribution system due to economic considerations. 3 Phase transformers are widely used for large-capacity power distribution. The advantages of Auto Trafo 3 Phase compared with 1 Phase or 2 Phase Trafo are:

- more powerful

- have a higher eifisiency

- more economical in the delivery of electrical power

- motor movement is more stable

We, PT. GUNA BERDIKARI ROTEXINDO is a company engaged in the field of contractors and electrical. We sell auto 3 phase transformer with capacity 22 kW to 112 kW. For complete product info please contact us.

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