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Lightning arrester
Lightning arrester
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Lightning arrester

Arester lightning is a tool used in electric power systems and telecommunications systems to protect the insulation and the conductor of the system from the damaging effects of lightning. Arester typical lightning have high voltage terminal and a ground terminal. When (surge or switching, which is very similar to) lightning surges travelling along the lines of power to flow from the surges, arester redirected through the arrestor, in most cases to Earth. In telegraphy and telephone, anh lightning arrestor placed where wires enter the structure, preventing damage to the electronics in and ensure the safety of individuals near them. a smaller version of the lightning rod, also called surge protectors, are devices connected between each power conductor in power and communications systems and the Earth. This prevents the normal flow of power or signal flow to ground, but provides a way in which the high-voltage lightning current flows, passing the equipment connected. Their goal is to limit the increase in voltage when the communication or power line struck by lightning or close to lightning strikes. If protection fails or does not exist, the lightning that strikes the electric system introduced thousands of kilovolt transmission lines which can damage, and can also cause severe damage to the transformer and electric or electronic devices more. Lightning produced a surge of extreme tension in the incoming power line can mer

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